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Re: service interact with desktop broken between: 1.5.5 & 1.5.19

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 03:50:24PM -0500, Igor Peshansky wrote:
> >On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Steven Hartland wrote:
> >> From: "Corinna Vinschen" <corinna-cygwin@XXXXXX.XXX>
> >
> ><>.  Thanks.
> >
> >>>Thanks Lev, I've integrated this into the new 1.13-1 version of
> >>>cygrunsrv which I just uploaded to
> >>
> >>Ok really silly question where do I get that from the packages link
> >>just returns a web page no download links.  The mirrors dont seem to
> >>have it yet, surely there's a direct download there some where but I
> >>cant find it for the life of me.
> >
> >There is a way of grabbing things directly off via rsync
> >(essentially creating a local mirror).  Googling for "rsync download
> >" brings up a few recipes for doing this.  I believe the
> >information that Cygwin supports rsync, but not ftp or http downloads
> >used to be somewhere on the FTP site, but it isn't any
> >longer...
> This is very much not a supported method for installing packages.  You
> are really just confusing a very simple issue by even bringing this up.

Heh, who said anything about *installing* packages?  The above is a way of
getting your hands on the latest tarball, which you can later install off
of your own mirror using setup.exe.

> The way to install packages for cygwin is via "setup.exe".  If you don't
> see a package 2 microseconds after someone sends an announcement to
> cygwin-announce then... WAIT FOR IT.

The point I was making is that if none of the mirrors are quick enough for
you, you can create and maintain your own.  Plus, some mirrors are slower
to update than others (yes, I know that all mirrors on the official list
will be at most 1/2 day behind, but setup.exe gives no indication that the
currently selected mirror came from a local selection rather than the
official mirror list, so you can easily be waiting on a stale mirror).
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