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Re: Multiple cygwin installs

OK please clarify how I commandeered a thread? I addressed my email to the cygwin list and set my own subject. I was not replying to any other thread.

Also this may not be the best solution, but I use cygwin for development. It may not be the perfect solution but it works well for switching development environments.

I posted my comments because there may be someone out there who will say "Hey that will work for me too."


Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

Brian Hawkins wrote:

Just FYI. I found a pretty good way to manage multiple cygwin installs.

I use the windows subst command.

It works like this. Create a directory c:\cyginstalls. Then beneath it create a directory for each cygwin install you want like cygwin1, cygwin2 whatever. Then use the subst command like so:
subst x: c:\cyginstalls\cygwin1

Now install cygwin to x:\. Change the subst to c:\cyginstalls\cygwin2 and install again to x:\.

To choose what cygwin you use just subst x to the appropriate folder. Kind of a poor mans symbolic link.

Why are you commandeering one thread to inject another?  If you have
something you want to say and it has nothing to do with any previous
thread, just start a new one by sending email to the list.

The flaw that I see with your approach is that you're not taking into
account any existing mounts in the mount table.  Without resetting the
mount table in between each installation, you will very likely end up
with subsequent installations overwriting the first one.

FWIW, if you want something similar to symbolic links for directories and
you're running W2K or above with NTFS, you can use reparse points. See the
"junction" utility from if you're interested in this.

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