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Re: Installation problem on windows 2000 server

jack wrote:

I'm trying to install cygwin on a windows 2000 terminal server (remote administration mode).

I'm using:
- Dell poweredge 1750
- Cygwin setup.exe version 2.510.2.2

The install finishes fine with no errors, but when I go to double click on the Cygwin icon, i see the black DOS box for a split second, then its gone.

Going in via cmd.exe and trying to launch anything does nothing:

C:\>cd cygwin\bin
C:\cygwin\bin>bash --login -i
C:\cygwin\bin>bash --help

I've tried the install 3 different times now, on 2 drives and the same thing happens.

Searching around shows people have successfully installed cygwin on windows 2000 server so I'm assuming that's out.

Any ideas?
Not in the FAQ? Did you check the text in cygwin.bat to see if it changes to the correct drive, and paths match up? As you said, not peculiar to any particular version of Windows, but more likely to occur when there is a choice of drives, other than /cygdrive/c/

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