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Re: Installation problem on windows 2000 server

jack wrote:

I'm trying to install cygwin on a windows 2000 terminal server (remote administration mode).

I'm using:
- Dell poweredge 1750
- Cygwin setup.exe version 2.510.2.2

The install finishes fine with no errors, but when I go to double click on the Cygwin icon, i see the black DOS box for a split second, then its gone.

Going in via cmd.exe and trying to launch anything does nothing:

C:\>cd cygwin\bin
C:\cygwin\bin>bash --login -i
C:\cygwin\bin>bash --help

I've tried the install 3 different times now, on 2 drives and the same thing happens.

Searching around shows people have successfully installed cygwin on windows 2000 server so I'm assuming that's out.

Any ideas?

Sure. Read over:
Problem reports:

Pay particular attention to the part about *attaching* the output of cygcheck. You'll also want to look at the output of /var/log/setup.log*. Look for any error messages at the end suggesting that any package didn't install properly. Look for scripts in /etc/postinstall/ without a .done extension. If there are any, just rerun setup without selecting any new packages and then recheck. All the postinstall scripts should have run and been renamed *.done.

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