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Re: Locales with wrong umlauts

According to Eric Blake on 3/28/2006 6:58 AM:
> Interesting question; I don't recall ever seeing this topic asked before
> here or upstream, so I don't know where to search either.  I'll do some
> upstream asking, to see what might be improved.

As for whether upstream will agree to make the default quoting style look
at the environment variable QUOTING_STYLE instead of blindly going with
'locale', the jury is still out.

But I am currently playing with a hack in my copy of the implementation of
the 'locale' quoting style, where if the high bit is set (c >= 0x80), then
I treat the character as a literal printing char (under the assumption
that the current code page and font can distinctly render the 8-bit
character) rather than the current scenario of turning the character into
an octal escape.  It worked for my default Latin character set, at least.
I plan on releasing another test version of coreutils soon with this hack
in place, for comments; and if it works out, the hack will also be applied
to the next findutils and tar releases (since all three packages use the
quote() module of gnulib).  This hack should only be needed on newlib
platforms, where isprint() does not know about locales other than "C".

Life is short - so eat dessert first!

Eric Blake   

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