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htDig to mnoGoSearch - gripes and questions


I may as well come out with it... I have been disappointed with mnoGoSearch since it took over from htDig as the mail archive search tool.

This is an overall disappointment, but for the benefit of having a tangible problem to solve, I cannot simply type "make" as the search term of the cygwin-announce mailing archive, and find the announcement (however long ago it was) for GNU make.

Steps to reproduce:

- Go to
- Enter "make" (without the quotes) as the search term, and click the Search button.
- Expect a result page with 5 links, none of which have make in the subject.
- Try to refine the search by clicking the Extended button.
- Expect to be take to the extended search page, with "make" already included as the search term.
- Select "Title" from the "In" drop-down box (I also think it's unfortunate that you must make the connection with the term Subject on your own).
- Click the "Search!" button again.
- Now you get a results page which do have "make" in the subject, but are off the cygwin-announce mailing list.

A couple of questions:

- When did it take over from htDig?
- Was it discussed in public (I searched on the cygwin mailing list, but I only found one hit on the search term "htdig mnoGoSearch")?
- What was the rationale behind the migration?

Thanks in advance,

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