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Re: Installation problem on windows 2000 server

Dave Korn wrote:
On 30 March 2006 03:57, jack wrote:

Should I post this question on another cygwin list? Or does nobody have
experience with this kinda thing?

  Get that non-cygwin perl out of your path and try using setup.exe to
reinstall everything.  Make sure - using task manager if need be - that there
is absolutely no trace of any cygwin-based programs or services running.

  Antivirus and desktop firewall software can both interfere with the
successful operation of cygwin, particularly if it's one of the
supposedly-clever behaviour-blocking varieties, so watch out for that, and
make sure that nothing has been inadvertently blocked; if so remove it before
you try again.

  Probably the next most likely possibility is that the machine itself is
terminally b0rken.

cheers, DaveK

Thanks for the response Dave.

I got rid of the non-cygwin perl, double checked for any possible cygwin processes, and tried a complete re-install of cygwin. same thing :(

One thing I don't understand is I can download unix_tools.exe from this website (which looks cygwin based), and run it, and everything works fine.

I'm puzzled..

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