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Re: htDig to mnoGoSearch - gripes and questions

Hi -

> I may as well come out with it... I have been disappointed with
> mnoGoSearch [...]

No need to exude timid bravery to express criticism, just be helpful.

> [...]
> - Enter "make" (without the quotes) as the search term, and click
>   the Search button.

It turned out that the word "make" was in the search engine's stopword
list.  It's gone, so at a subsequent index refresh, those pages should

> [...]
> - Now you get a results page which do have "make" in the
>   subject, but are off the cygwin-announce mailing list.

We may be able to tweak an htsearch->mnogosearch migration script to
pass the URL restriction along better.

> A couple of questions:
> - When did it take over from htDig?

In January, but mnogosearch has been installed for perhaps a year. 

> - Was it discussed in public (I searched on the cygwin mailing list,
>   but I only found one hit on the search term "htdig mnoGoSearch")?

Cygwin is but one tenant of sourceware.  This was discussed among the
general overseers.

> - What was the rationale behind the migration?

In our judgement, it was an overall improvement.

- FChE

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