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Re: Unable to delete directory in Cygwin

>>>NTFS and FAT file systems simply do not have the concept of inodes,
>>>Cygwin is dependent upon the facilities supplied by these file systems.
>>Actually NTFS does have something like an inode.  That's what Cygwin
>Then why does this fail?  Please enlighten us?

This is the same email thread, nothing here that helps explain what I'm asking. Rereading it all I see is the reference to open handles/handlers (Windows/UNIX terminology). This is precisely what an inode does in a Linux/UNIX file system, the kernel is given the inode to hold as the handle to the open file. If the directory entry is detached from this inode, no problem, but the file is still open and exists. Ultimately the only difference is that UNIX/Linux says no problem, Windows generates an error due to this difference.

It has nothing to do with inodes.  There have been versions of UNIX
which didn't allow you to remove a directory when someone has cd'ed to
it, too.

Well, the UNIX/Linux rules don't change in this regard, this area has been stable for as long as I've been using UNIX/Linux (20+ years). This is one of the great strengths of UNIX, the basic rules are simple, well understood and stable. When you cd to a directory, you are maintaining the directory as a open file. It is more likely the specific file system in use does or doesn't support inodes.

ext2/ext3 has been the predominate file system atleast in Linux,
althought there are many choices and ext2/ext3 is an inode based file
system.  I cannot say that all file system available are inode based,
but all the ones I've worked with in the last decade have been.

So this brings me back to my original question, what is it in NTFS
that provides Inode type functionality that Cygwin is leveraging?  The
inode functionality would disassociate a files meta-data from the
directory entry to allow the functionality we've been talking about as
well as hard links.



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