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Re: GPL Alert: Super

On 18-Jun-2006 22:35, »Q« wrote:
Michael Schaap wrote:
It's a GUI around a bunch of command-line video file editing

Installs both cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll in the System32 folder.
Can't find any mention of source code on the web site.

I asked about this in alt.comp.freeware when somebody posted about Super. A couple of people have reported that it doesn't install cygwin files, but one of them says he already had them from installing other apps. In case it's of any interest, the thread is at <>

or <>

Well, after I installed it, I got lots of errors after my next reboot which were caused by the copy of cygwin1.dll in the System32 folder...

Ans perhaps even more telling, in the support forum <>, someone who is apparently one of the authors states that it's perfectly fine to install cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll in the System32 folder, 'cause everyone does it, and it you don't like it, tough, just uninstall it...

- Michael

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