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Re: 1.5.20: Occasional crash at address 0x6100365f (cygthread::stub() in cygthre

On Sun, Jul 23, 2006 at 03:55:05AM +1000, Kiyo Kelvin Lee wrote:
>Now it seems the crashes are relating to another problem reported
>earlier: 1.5.20: Occasionally infinite loop happens in do_exit()
>( (see attached original text below)
>I managed to make sure the infinite loop had not happened (more about
>that later) and then tested to run configure for squid-2.6 multiple
>times (ran for 2 hours) and was unable to reproduce a single crash.
>So I am guessing the infinite loop and hence explicitly killing the
>offending process would leave cygwin in some funny state and lead to
>those crashes.

If you can reproduce the crash with the latest snapshot then please
try including


in your CYGWIN environment variable as I previously suggested.  This
must be used before you start any other CYGWIN processes.

If it works, then it should be fairly easy to see what the state of
cygwin is when the crash occurs.

FWIW, the loop in tty::terminate was reported as fixed in the latest


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