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Re: How can I copy the configuration from one PC to another?

Daniela Dürbeck wrote:

The current version of binutils actually does produce dlls, like, for instance, cygwin1.dll.

Mine are not built. I cite Yaakov from another message: "objdump from binutils-20060709-1 does absolutely nothing; even running objdump without any arguments, which in 20050610-1 returns the help message, also does nothing. Of course, this breaks building shared libraries with libtool, which is how I discovered this problem." When I return to the former version, it works.

And following that thread, you would find the solution to that problem would
be found in a snapshot or, more conveniently now, the new cygwin 1.5.21

What in the world does this have to do with copying a configuration to another PC?

Nothing. I thought you read my real problem in the other mail and knew that I have two PCs and wanted to copy the working configuration to the PC without working configuration.

But to be able to save a configuration file would be nevertheless useful
because one easily forgets to switch on some files.

As Chris mentioned, if you want an exact duplicate of your installation
somewhere else, you need to copy your installation directory completely,
transfer mounts, and reconfigure and/or start services.  There's no one
file with the total Cygwin configuration information in it.  What you're
looking for is a kind of migration tool.  At this point, no such tool
exists but any that would in the future would have the attributes
Chris mentions.

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