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setup install on WinVista

Env: WinVista running on vmserver 1.0 hosted on WinXP64
Symptom: "bash.exe has failed" ... cygwin setup is partial, but
reports complete.

I reinstalled several times with different options.  Here is what doesn't work.
- Start / Help / "Can my older programs ..." / Run Compatibility Wizard
 Mark setup.exe compatible with WinXPsp2; run as administrator
 bash still fails
- Explorer c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe  / Properties
 Same compatibility settings as above.
 bash.exe runs when launched directly;  setup still fails
- Note: These settings are retained in the registry, not as properties of
 the binaries.  If you delete the c:\cygwin directory, those settings remain.

cygwin was installed by first hacking the registry:
- Delete those bash.exe and setup.exe compatibility registry keys under
 They have no effect
- Find the settings for ".sh"
 There are two "Open With" settings
 (a) cmd.exe
 (b) bash.exe
 Reverse the settings. Perhaps .sh entries were processed first by cmd.exe

WinVista doesn't have a default "Administrator" userid.  The userid you
create during installation is given Administrator privileges ... and
something else

Control Panel / User Accounts / Change Security Settings
[ ] Use Account Control (UAC) ... uncheck this to set it "Off"

Rerun cygwin setup.  bash.exe still stops responding / fails.
Before clicking on "Close", click "Cancel" on the cygwin setup.

Start a cmd.exe session:
cd  \cygwin\etc\postinstall
export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH

Execute these scripts in order:

Exit.  Restart cygwin

This time, the --login flags initialize the /home directories, and you're done.

$ cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out
'id' program not found
'id' program not found

I don't know why "id" is not found. /usr/bin is in $PATH

ddunbar@vistaDrifter ~
$ id
uid=1000(ddunbar) gid=513(None)


Perhaps ".SH' should be in that list.

Note: I'm only posting this because it might help someone else. My
problem is solved.  Please don't bark at the newbies.

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