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Re: libungif and emacs-cvs

I didn't catch the beginning of this thread... but
I frequently build cvs emacs (once a month) with cygwin and based on
cygwin's x-windows.

I do not have any probllem with ungif.

 * I do specify the following  configure option

* Last year's (of so) version of ungif had some problems, be sure to
get the newest with setup.exe

* The newest cygwin gtk windowning is broken somethwere, so I had to use

(gtk people fix that!)

> ---------------------------------------------------- > checking gif_lib.h usability... yes > checking gif_lib.h presence... yes > checking for gif_lib.h... yes > checking for EGifPutExtensionLast in -lungif... no ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ > --------------------------------------------------- > > so that it buids without ungif support:

I am frequently building emacs from cvs and have not noticed this problem, but haven't looked

It would probably be enlightening to look at config.log to see *why*
configure thinks EGifPutExtensionLast is not in -lungif...

> I do not remember this behaviour previously (but it could be), so I flag
> this in the case it is a problem with libungif.

Or something else completely unrelated that caused the test program to
fail, thus making configure think that it didn't have a valid -lungif.

Perhaps try uninstalling and reinstalling the ungif library.


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