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Re: Updated [experimental]: bash-3.1-8

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According to Wells, Roger K. on 9/14/2006 6:29 AM:
> I applaud any effort to speed up bash but 3.1.18 immediately broke enough
> stuff that I do not believe we will proceed to use it in its present form.

bash 3.1.18 doesn't exist - the last official upstream patch for the 3.1
series was 17, so I just released 3.1.17, at packaging attempt 8.

> On my bash wish list I would include changing clear (ctrl-l) so that it
> clears the entire buffer and not just the lines that are currently visible.
> I have the windows code to do this if any one wants to proceed.  I realize
> that the behavior is the same as it is in RedHat Linux where it produces the
> same inconveniences.  Thus adopting this change would be a departure from
> other platforms.  Just a thought.

Huh?  bash-3.1-8 did not do anything differently than bash-3.1-6 in
regards to handling ctrl-l.  As for clearing the entire buffer vs. just
visible lines, that is a feature of what escape sequences your terminal
understands - which TERM are you using,, rxvt, or xterm?  If it is, then the fix would be to cygwin proper, not bash (and even if
bash were involved, it would be readline, not bash).

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