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Re: bash-3.1-7 BUG

Dave Korn wrote:
> On 14 September 2006 17:59, Volker Quetschke wrote:
>> Hi!
>> (snip)
>>> +#ifdef __CYGWIN__
>>> +  /* lseek'ing on text files is problematic; lseek reports the true
>>> +     file offset, but read collapses \r\n and returns a character
>>> +     count.  We cannot reliably seek backwards if nr is smaller than
>>> +     the seek offset encountered during the read, and must instead
>>> +     treat the stream as unbuffered.  */
>>> +  if ((bp->b_flag & (B_TEXT | B_UNBUFF)) == B_TEXT)
>> ------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^^
>> part of the patch looks suspicious to me. You probably just want to test
>> if the LHS expression is true.
>   You reckon?  That looks to me like a test for B_TEXT is set *and* B_UNBUFF
> is cleared.  Since the action we're going to take if this test succeeds is to
> set the stream unbuffered, there's no need to do it for a stream that already
> /is/ unbuffered.  That's how it looks to me at first glance, anyway.

See, it was the lack of coffee ;) Sorry for the noise.



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