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[PING boost maintainer] RE: boost 1.33.1-2 filesystem issue (was RE: Fatal Error w/ cygwin 1-5-23-*)

On 31 December 2006 19:50, Brian Hassink wrote:

[ List Cc'd back in so the boost maintainer can see what we're doing. ]

> Here's how I built the test case included earlier in this thread...
>> g++ -I/usr/include/boost-1_33_1 -Wall -g -o test.o -c test.cpp
>> g++ -o test.exe test.o -lboost_filesystem-gcc-mt-s

  Well, I can reproduce this, but I don't know if recompiling is going to
help; there's no DLLs involved here, and the problem fixed in gcc-3.4.4-3
relates to passing C++ string class objects between dlls and exes.

  I'm going to try rebuilding the boost package JFTHOI, but I don't expect it
to make any difference.  I also notice this comment in the boost package build

# There are some problems with Boost DLLs for Cygwin. Mostly the fact that it
# does not generate import libraries. So there will be only static Boost libs 
# until the problem gets sorted out.

which concurs with what I discovered when I tried building the upstream

  Finally, PING! boost maintainer: has CRLF line endings.
Trivially fixable with d2u.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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