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Re: Cygwin not functioning on laptop

Αρχικό μήνυμα από  "Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <>:

> wrote:
> >  Which setup.exe should I use along with my downloaded packages (old as of
> > cygwin1.dll version 1.5.18) after the complete uninstallation (I did
> exactly
> > what is mentioned in the FAQ), the old one or the newest (which supports
> > cygwin1.dll version 1.5.23-2 )? 
> >  Unfortunately the speed of my internet connection does not allow me to
> download
> > the latest packages right now. However, I am sure my cd-rom works since I
> used it
> > to install Cygwin (with the same packages) on my older PC half an hour ago
> > (cygwin works on it).
> Newer is better but either should work in your case.
> If the installation doesn't get you a working Cygwin, you need to look for
> other buggy system software getting in the way.  This includes things like
> virus scanners, firewalls, spyware, and even Logitech webcams, etc.  You'll
> need to try uninstalling these to get things working and then re=install
> until you find the problematic package.  Agnitum Outpost and Kerio firewall
> products have specifically been implicated by users on this list and seem
> to be popping up allot lately.
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After some research on what my services actually do on, I disabled some of them and now after 13
installations and 8 horrible days without being able to programme my cygwin
fully works!
I believe the services that messed up things were my printer' s (Canon MP160)
bundled software OmnipageSE4 and some installed by windows automatic update.
My Logitech camera (acer omnicamera) does not seem to have any interference with
cygwin (now its 4 services are running along with cygwin just fine).
Thanks for the help and another hurray for cugwin and its list that promote 
creativity and resourcefulness!

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