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Re: Cygwin make menuconfig hangs

Gabriel Goldstein wrote:


Let me rephrase as I think it's quite on topic.  Forgetting any cross
compiling, lets just say I'm trying to make menuconfig which is a native
cygwin app and I'd think I should be able to compile that under cygwin
with cygwin's gcc without any major ordeal, after all mconf is just a
cygwin program.  I only kept the ARCH=arm command in there so if there
was some specialized configuration it did for arm, it would know where I
was going.

100s of people do this every day in a normal linux environment, so I'm
trying to figure out what special things I may have to do in cygwin to
be able to make a simple mconf program, which just happens to be used to
configure kernel .config files.

On another note, or another way around the same problem, if I can figure
out how to get nls support under cygwin (or figure out how to tell the
compiler where it is) that would solve my problem.  (If I remove the
KBUILD_HAVE_NLS=no I will get tons of _gettext linker errors).

OK, if you're just trying to build menuconfig with Cygwin's gcc, get rid of your references to .so's and copied/renamed .dll.a files and just install the ncurses and libncurses-devel and libncurses8. That should be all you need to allow you to build against Cygwin's ncurses.

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