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Re: upgrade advice for end users

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According to fschmidt on 1/5/2007 4:49 PM:
> Having just suffered through a cygwin upgrade, I would like to let other end
> users know what they need to do to get cygwin to work.
> 1.  Create a new Windows System Environment variable called "SHELLOPTS" and
> set it to "igncr".  This makes bash handle CR/LF correctly.

There have been other reports that doing this makes scripts misbehave
because they aren't expecting to be interactive; one example
of this was problems using man.  So take the above advice with a grain of
salt.  Or do what I do - use binary files on binary mounts, and if I must
use text files, make sure they are on text mounts.  Setting SHELLOPTS is
somewhat of a last-ditch hack for the issue of CRLFs living on the wrong
mount style.

> 2.  Replace /bin/make.exe with . 
> The new version of make can't handle colons, so replace the new version with
> an old make that can handle colons.

Or wait patiently until the latest CVS version of make has stabilized on
path handling, and is released, at which point this workaround is no
longer needed.

> I sincerely hope that either cygwin changes direction to be more Windows
> friendly, or that a cygwin fork is started in this direction.

You obviously haven't been reading the mail archives much in the last two
months.  Both of these issues have been talked to death, but so far, no
one has felt it necessary to fork cygwin over either of them.

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