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Re: having problems with getting Up and Runnign

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
Thanks! i deleted all registry entrys and the cygwin dir. i suspect that
how cygwin handles all the locations of things (such as where the
binaries live) and how all that runs
i also found that bash and such have an issue with mulit-word usernames
windows allows these but Pine and Mutt fail because they are made for
/home/username/mail/ but i used /home/user name/mail (username was Sys
bash would show "[Sys Admin@the-ookbox]" but GNUStep would try to
write to /home/sys/GNUStep/ not /home/Sys Admin/GNUStep/
should we fix this in a future version? make the username all one word
(or use "_" in place - this makes it simpler)?

Paths with spaces with them are annoying but are legal path names, even
outside of Windows.  There are, unfortunately, still a number of packages
and scripts out in the wild that don't properly account for this though.
If you see specific issues, it's best to report them and even provide
patches to correct them.  Translating them into something else is buggy
at best though.  Better to just make sure the paths are quoted properly
so that the underlying code sees them properly.

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