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RE: Re: username should be lower-case for $USER

Hi all,

My first constructive post to this group outside of my inane question

> TDavid Smiley wrote:
> > I am new to Cygwin.  I noticed that the $USER environment variable
> > my username in upper-case.  So it is "DSMILEY".
> As David said, that's because you created your username in ALL
UPPERCASE when setting up the user 
> on Windows.
> The only way to "fix" this for you would be to rename your Windows
user to have a lower-case name. 
> (If windows allows that operation..)

As covered later in this thread the user is logging into a domain.
Windows is indeed case insensitive 
WRT logins and can even be forced into case insensitive mode for
passwords programatically (as 
demonstrated by the l0phtcrack algorithm).  But I have never seen a
DOMAIN report the user id back in
lowercase, even when it was specifically entered in lower case (I may be
wrong about this - please let 
me know if you have contrary evidence).

There is another workaround, tho!  In my environment I log into the
domain with a login in the form 
"AA9999", but need my Cygwin environment to recognise me as "sybase".
So I simply edited the 
leading column of my record in /etc/passwd and changed the contents
"sybase".  Since the other tokens
linking me record to the domain account were unchanged Cygwin sees me as
"sybase", but the domain sees
me as myself.  This has been working for well over a year.  If anyone
sees any problems with it I'd
be glad to hear form them.

'[q]sa[ln0=aln256%Pln256/snlbx]sb3135071790101768542287578439snlbxq' |dc

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