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Re: loading cygwin-compiled DLL from a .NET application error.

Tommaso Tagliapietra (EXT VE SYS) wrote:
When I use a Cygwin-compiled DLL on a C# program (Microsoft .NET 2.0),
C# program crash with this messagge

./Blue 4 [main] Blue 316 c:\my-software\blue\Blue\Blue\bin\Release\Blue.exe: *** fatal error - c:\my-software\blue\Blue\Blue\bin\Release\Blue.exe: *** Incompatible cygwin .dll -- incompatible per_process info 0 != 168

Code of this DLL is:

char *eval(char *expr) { return "ciao"; }

BOOL APIENTRY DllMain (HINSTANCE hInst, DWORD reason, LPVOID reserved) {
return TRUE;

Imported with:

[DllImport("my-app.dll") public static extern string eval(string expr);

How can I resolve this problem?

Did you look at the FAQ?


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