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Re: dealing with spaces in paths

Brian Dessent wrote:
"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" wrote:

homedir=`cygpath -w "$USERPROFILE"`
mount -buf "$homedir" "$HOME"/myh

This is recreated from memory because I don't have access to Cygwin now.
But this is essentially what worked fine for me last night.  Note, the
quote around USERPROFILE is important.

How about simply:

mount -buf "$(cygpath -w "$USERPROFILE")" "$HOME/myh"

I see no reason that can't work as well. But I wasn't attempting to change the style of the script. I was just trying to point out why what the OP had wouldn't work well in the cases he described. If the one-liner you propose above works for the OP's needs, I'd certainly recommend using it. :-)

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