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Re: "cscope -d" can't find trailer offset if path contains space

By the way, Dave, if you're going to be poking & prodding mlscope, I was
wondering if you might have time to look at a problem with its interface
with vim.  Mlscope works find from the command line, but simply hangs
when I do a symbol search from within vim.  Vim works fine with
non-ml-cscope, however.  I believe I read in the cygwin archives that it
had to do with the format of the records returned by the mlscope search.
 Thanks if you can spare the time to look at it.  Otherwise, thanks for
the thought.

Fred Ma wrote:
> Thanks.  Here's some further info:
> Dave & Diane wrote:
>> Sorry for the delay - let me take a look at this in more detail. Given 
>> the sleuthing you've done I'll probably have to go back to the cscope 
>> owner at Bell-Labs.
>> Will keep you posted.
>> Dave
>> [mlcscope maintainer for cygwin]
>> Fred Ma wrote:
>>> Bug fix request submitted for cscope via sourceforge:
>>> This problem arose when using vim, but also appears when using "cscope
>>> -d".  I get the error "cannot read trailer offset from file
>>> cscope.out".  I browsed build.c to find that it is caused when reading
>>> in a single number with fscanf.  To see what could be confusing
>>> fscanf, I found the context of the "trailer offset" from
>>>, which
>>> shows that the number to be read occupies a single line along with
>>> other space-delimited data, including the specification of the current
>>> directory.  The space delimiting will get messed up if the current
>>> directory contains spaces, which is often the case in Windows and
>>> Cygwin (though it can also be the case in *nix).  P.S.: It also
>>> happens with mlcscope.

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