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RE: activestate perl on cygwin

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Kevin T Cella wrote:

> > Although this is thorough off topic, perhaps you can explain it better
> > to me as I don't use ActiveState therefore I don't see what you are
> > claiming. Exactly which "full path" is expanded to "what" and passed to
> > (guess) ActiveState Perl interpreter as, again, what? Is it $0 that you
> > speak of that may be a Cygwin path? I'm confused however if it is $0
> > then why couldn't that also be handled in the Perl script?
> The error is as follows:
> [~] $
> Can't open perl script "/home/kcella/bin/": No such file or
> directory
> [~] $ ls -l /home/kcella/bin/
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 kcella None 651 Jan 12 07:33 /home/kcella/bin/

That particular case is handled by the wrapper script I posted.  Note that
you *don't* need to use the wrapper script to invoke perl on the command
line -- only in the #! (shebang) line of your script file.
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