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RE: Endianess not declared

On 14 January 2007 15:08, Kovarththanan Rajaratnam wrote:

> Hello
> I've just given Sparse [1] a try on Cygwin and compiling it went without
> any hassle. However, trying it on a very simple example (which includes
> stdio.h) seems to fail in 'ieeefp.h' due to 'Endianess not declared!!'

  That's odd.  I'm guessing 'sparse' is some kind of source code parser?  For
whatever reason, the version of ieeefp.h in my cygwin installation doesn't
include any related #warning or #error.  Is sparse somehow generating that
> I assume this is due to some #define's not being set properly. In order
> to track down these needed #defines I used the GCC specification info
> (-dumpspecs) and I was able to find these defines: -D__CYGWIN32__
> -D__CYGWIN__ -Dunix -D__unix__ -D__unix. However that still doesn't seem
> enough. What else am I missing?

  Not all built-in #defines come from the specs.  For the canonical list of
built-in definitions, which vary slightly between C and C++, use:

gcc -x c -E -dM - < /dev/null

g++ -x c++ -E -dM - < /dev/null

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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