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National characters in the command window

I have a Norwegian keyboard, and when I type the national characters on the command
line, nothing shows up - that is, the æ (the ae ligature) and å (a with ring above) keys do not
respond, while the ø (o with slash across) key produces 'o'. Dead-accent key combinations
produce nothing. The cursor does not advance.

I have a file with the ae ligature in the file name. The command "ls | od -t x1" shows that
character as 0xe6, consistent with latin1 or with cp1252. "ls" to the screen displays the
file name properly. It seems the problem only affects keyboard input.

In a regular "dos" cmd window I can type file names with national characters, and list the file

The environment vairables LANG and LC_* are not set. I have not found any setting of these
that make a difference.

The command

in the bash window returns 437. In 436, the ae ligature is 0x91.

In a regular dos cmd window, "dir > dirfile" produces a file that contains cp437 coded file names.
The ae ligature is 0x91. I determine this by "od < dirfile" in the bash window.

Using chcp to set codepage 1252 in the bash window makes the ae ligature display as the greek
mu character when doing "ls" to the screen. "ls | od" still shows 0xe6 (1252) for the ae ligature.
On input, the o-slash key nno longer produces 'o'. It produces nothing. The cursor does not
advance. Starting a new bash process in the same window does not seem to change anything.

I have found so little about this on the net, that I believe I must be missing something very
basic in my cygwin installation. Does everybody else have the same problem?

Is there a good description anywhere of how these things work?


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