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Re: email and gmail

Jeremy T. Harrison wrote:

> I am trying, fruitlessly, to get the email program to work with my gmail
> account.  I have ssmtp working fine (I did need to do some patching and
> recompile ssmtp).  The email program, on the other hand, is just
> slightly beyond me. :-(
> My debugging indicates that email is not passing the parameters
> (username/password) to ssmtp to initiate the TLS/SSL connection.  This
> from the following error message:
> email: FATAL: Smtp error: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first
> f16sm6837732qba

You have everything mixed up.

Where did you saw that email can do TLS?  It doesn't, the -u/-i parameters are
for doing SMTP AUTH which is a different thing.

> Are there any builds of email available that pass parameters correctly
> to ssmtp?  I indicate SMTP server in the email-config dialog -- is that
> wrong?

Doesn't matter, you can use -r <smtp-server>, and even change the port, nothing
will make email use SSL (which is needed for TLS)-- the library is not linked.
René Berber

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