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1.5.23: ip_mreq_source not defined in cygwin/sockets.h


I recently tried building live55 streaming media ( on cygwin-1.5.23.
While building, it complained of the structure ip_mreq_source being not defined.

A little bit of probing and emailing the live-devel mailing list revealed that
IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP is defined in cygwin/sockets.h and
ip_mreq_source is not defined.

The live maintainer suggested that it would make sense to either have
both the entities defined in one place, or not have them defined at

Since IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP is defined, it's associated structure
ip_mreq_source should also be also defined in the same header file.

I do see that both the entities are defined in w32api/ws2tcpip.h

Would it make sense for cygwin/sockets.h to include w32api/ws2tcpip.h?
I'm afraid that it might add to the kludge that is winsock/winsock2,
and break some things :)

FYI, associated messages on live-devel mailing list

Regards Shishir

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