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Re: email and gmail

Jeremy T. Harrison wrote:
> From my perspective, email doesn't need to do TLS, that is left to
> ssmtp.

Correct, but it can be done by both (as mailx and probably mutt does).

> The only
> thing email should be doing is passing the various commands/directives
> from the command line to ssmtp.

Not true, from email to ssmtp you could use any method available, plain message
passing, smtp auth, TLS, whatever.

> I know that ssmtp can/does do TLS - I fixed that myself, and it works
> fine (from the command line).

Works fine?  You don't seem to know how it should work.

Easy solution: get rid of your ssmtp and install Exim, then configure it to do
TLS (that means installing a certificate).

I don't know what exactly you have to do with Gmail, as I don't use it, but if
TLS is not enough and you need SMTP AUTH (they are two separate things, TLS and
AUTH) then just configure Exim to use Gmail as relay with authentication required.

> Relinking the TLS library with email, occurs to be redundant to me. 
> Nevertheless,
> if that is necessary, has anyone made a patch available to do that?
> My objective is to get a command-line e-mail; if there are alternates to
> email,
> please send me some suggestions.

The email+Exim option works fine; don't waste your time with mailx, it doesn't
work under Cygwin (it can be compiled but it has many problems, and not only
under Cygwin).
René Berber

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