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There is no prompt message if shared object file cannot open, when I was running a program.

Problem: when running a program from bash and the program requires a
lib that is missing, I do not get any error message. Only a exit
status of 128. Can I change this behavior?

I've exhausted those help resources (include FAQ, User's Guide,
mailing list archives and even google). The closer I have found so far
is this thread: "no message or dialog when a DLL is missing", its link
is But that
thread disappointed me by ending up with nothing definited. The
posters and replyers seemed to be regardless to this problem.

On Linux, etc., when a shared library is missing at runtime, any
attempt to execute a binary depending on it will get an error like:

% /usr/bin/xvidtime
/usr/bin/xvidtune: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

I'm pretty this message is coming directly from (in this case) (the "DLL loader" on linux).

If Cygwin is intercepting the equivalent exception on Windows, perhaps
a possible compromise would be for cygwin1.dll to emit such an error
to stderr?

Failing with return code 128 is far less helpful, but printing to
"stderr" (or whatever is eating off that pipe) is much more
script-friendly than a GUI pop-up.

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