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Re: fyi, libreadline causing Metasploit to drop Cygwin

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According to Lee Fisher on 1/18/2007 12:41 PM:
> Hi Eric,
> First, congratulation's on the new libreadline 5.2.1-6 release for Cygwin!
> FYI, I wanted to point out a recent lively discussion going on over on
> the Metasploit mailing list.
> This msg starts the thread:

Based on my initial reading of that thread, I think they are making the
right decision.  It sounds like Metasploit had the potential to be acting
as a, by providing a full cygwin
installation with their product.  And were they properly obeying the GPL
by providing the source code to the version of cygwin that they were
shipping?  Distributing just their app, and not a full cygwin environment,
eases their burden and makes your life easier from the perspective of
upgrading cygwin yourself.  And if you are really bothered by their
decision, then you could volunteer to become a package maintainer and make
Metasploit part of the official cygwin distribution.

> Metasploit, one of the top security tools out there, is written in Ruby
> and currently distributed with CygWin, is about to drop Windows support,
> because of libreadline problems on Cygwin.
> In case there is anything you can do to help!
> Thanks,
> Lee

Nothing in that thread made it obvious as to what they perceived the
readline problems to be, so no I can't help without a more detailed report.

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