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Re: file descriptiors

Thanks Eric.

I am trying to build the source for libassuan found in libassuan-1.0.1.tar.bz2.

configure and make work file.

But, "make check" gives me the following information.

...Entering directory `/usr/src/assuan/libassuan-1.0.1/tests'
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> OK Pleased to meet you
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- # descriptor 4 is in flight
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- INPUT FD
fdpassing[3648]: no pending file descriptors!
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> ERR 101 server fault (general error)
fdpassing[3296]: sending INPUT FD failed: server fault
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- BYE
fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> OK closing connection
FAIL: fdpassing

Which leads me to suspect that file descriptors are related to the problem.

And I was wondering if anyone has done this before and found a
solution or workaround.


> Can we pass file descriptors within the cygwin enviroment.
> For example such as those required by libassuan?

Why don't you try it and see?  Or at least give us a simple test case that
shows what you want to have happen, and why it isn't doing what you want,
rather than telling us about some random library that reportedly needs to
do it.

- --
Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake

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