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Re: Questions about porting from Linux to Windows...

OK thanks a lot for your time and answer...

I read the User's Guide...

Almost everything is clear now...

I still have a last question :

In the examples you gave me of different applications (Hello), they are both LINKED via cgwin.

Unfortunatley my project if a major GUI program (about 80 000 of the 700 000 total lines of code are X11/Motif code) which needs to run very fast (at times more than 40 000 graphical objects should change colors within a second) , and so having 2 depths of sending graphics events to the screen might be too much.

That is why I was thinking about using a native GUI builder in order to port the GUI part, thus making the executable linked WITHIN the GUI builder using static ".a" libraries compiled with the cygwin environment, with the -mwindow flag...

Thus my first questions about licensing policies and use of the cygwin DLL....

So if I understood correctly what you told me in your last message, if I follow the above-mentioned procedure I should be in the clear both in the licensing side (not needing any licence fee) and in the runtime side (not needing cygwin DLL) (the libraries should contain WIN32 code).

Is this correct ??

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