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Re: Best Windows Malware Ever!

Besides not being a cygwin util (as others have mentioned), whenever
I see someone posting an unsolicited, out-of-any-context
advertisement (spam) like this, my first thought is that someone is
trying to induce me to install their new "trojan" (or keylogger,
bot-sw, etc).

Of course if they post the source (which they never do), it might
be different...but it is quite odd to post a non-cygwin related
util, out of the blue, to a cygwin mailing list.

Do people still fall for these traps?

There's a reason why the software is "free"...(and closed source).

zzapper wrote:
I recently came across a (Windows) utility which stores the last 25 things (clips) that you've copied and pasted. Click on the utility in your system tray and up pops a 5 by 5 grid.
Each pigeon hole in the grid shows enough of the clip to help you recall the one you want.
click in the pigeon hole and it pastes the contents.

It's called M8 Free Multi Clipboard, I think it's WONDERFUL, it takes the stress away from copy & pasting

You can get download details and link (the free version is a little bit hidden) here

(sorry if I've posted this before, but believe me you'll like M8)

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