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Re: 1.5.23 problem building gdal library

Fabien <funtazz <at>> writes:

> Sorry for not have followed strictly all instructions. Thanks for your
> great help.

I didn't do anything other than tell you what you should have been able to 
glean from the web.  Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but it is the little things 
like not following directions that make me less inclined to sound polite in my 
replies. explains this 
quite succinctly: "What we are, unapologetically, is hostile to people who seem 
to be unwilling to think or to do their own homework before asking questions. 
People like that are time sinks â they take without giving back, and they waste 
time we could have spent on another question more interesting and another 
person more worthy of an answer."

> > > 'cygcheck -svr' output is attached.
> >
> > What part of plain text attachment did you not get?  Zipped output is much
> > harder for us to investigate from a mail reader.
> To send a big file in ML is disadvised, isn't it ?

Not when the DIRECTIONS at, which I ALREADY 
referred you to, state, in bold font:

 # Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that file as an attachment 
in your report. Please do not compress or otherwise encode the output. Just 
attach it as a straight text file so that it can be easily viewed.

Eric Blake

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