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Re: trouble with bash / if in recent release / update ?

Tim Hanson wrote:
hi, a colleague and i recently tried upgrading an existing cygwin and found that
basic bash script features broke. he later went back to a working copy, tested
and discovered that the features worked, upgraded again and confirmed that they
were broken again. i've searched for hints that others have had this problem and
haven't found any. the symptoms are pretty easy to test.

in an interactive bash shell one can conform that these two if statements work:

  if [[ -z "17" ]]; then  echo "ja"; else   echo "ne"; fi

  if [[ -z "" ]]; then  echo "ja"; else   echo "ne"; fi

if one then builds a bash script consisting only of #!/usr/bin/bash
and this if statement (broken into separate lines) it fails along these lines:

	$ test.bash
	: command not test.bash: line 9:
	/usr/local/bin/test.bash: line 10: syntax error in conditional expression
	'usr/local/bin/test.bash: line 10: syntax error near `]]
	'usr/local/bin/test.bash: line 10: `if [[ -z "$1" ]]

does this ring a bell for anyone?

i'd be grateful for pointers. (or advice on how to provide more clues.)

Your line-endings are CRNLs. The best thing to do is to run d2u on the scripts in question. Read any recent Cygwin bash announcements for other options to resolve this situation and further details.

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