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Re: Newly-installed bash 3.2.9-10 (cygwin 1.5.24-1) exits when I try to execute a program

Good morning,

Lev Bishop wrote:
On 1/30/07, Glenn Serre wrote:
I have no working patch, I was going to use this problem as an opportunity for
my first attempt to build and debug the cygwin DLL (while maybe even charging a
client for it) but it looked to me as if it may already be being addressed.
Looking again, I see that this might not be that case, so I'll see what I can do
(no promises, as I'm a newbie at cygwin development).

In cases like this, a generally useful thing you can do is to go try snapshots from and try to figure out between which 2 versions the problem first appeared. If you post the reult of this to the list, then someone can often fix it easily, but if you wanted to have a go yourself, you can look at the changelogs for that snapshot and frequently it will be obvious which change was to blame.

The 2006-12-11 version of cygwin1.dll has the problem.
The 2006-12-05 version does not.

I don't see an obvious smoking gun in the changelog (I haven't even looked at the code yet) but there do seem to be candidates.

--Glenn S.

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