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Continuing CR/LF Problems


   I have been struggling for some time trying to resolve the dreaded
CR/LF Problem.

I am running Ant 1.6.2 builds on Windows XP SP 2 using Cygwin version
1.5.24-1 and Bash version 3.2.9-11. The Ant builds are running an
Installshield 11.5 command line interface to create a multiplatform

As part of this multiplatform installer it generates a script
from information in the Installshield jars. When the is
produced, all the lines are terminated with a "^M"

I have researched the problem on the web and the message board to try
and get some help in resolving this but so far no luck. 

For an example, here is what is being produced.

	while [ $# -gt 0 ] ; ^M
		case "$1" in^M
		--)	shift; break;; ^M
		-is:javahome) ISJAVAHOME="$2"; shift;; ^M
		-is:log) DBG=1;LOG="$2"; shift;; ^M
		-is:tempdir) ISTEMP_HOME="$2";  shift;; ^M
		-is:silent) SILENT=true;; ^M

Anyway, I have tried the 3 most recommended ideas to resolve this.....
1)   I set SHELLOPTS=igncr in my Windows environment and then run
Cygwin. No 	effect. 

2)   I run Ant from a Cygwin binary mount. No effect.

3)   I tried rolling back to earlier versions of bash but again no luck

The base scripts in the Installshield jars seem fine, no CR/LF at the
The environment just creates it in DOS format regardless of my settings.

If you look at SHELLOPTS in the environment, it indicates that it knows
about the igncr setting.


I cannot do a simple d2u because there are some "^M's" that need to be
in the file and this will remove them thus corrupting the file. 

Sorry to be wasting anyone's time by posting this as I know there is a
lot on this in the mailing list archives but I did do my best and go
through many of the archives in the mailing list trying to come up with
a solution before I posted. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 


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