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Re: Newly-installed bash 3.2.9-10 (cygwin 1.5.24-1) exits when I try to execute a program

Good morning,

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 07:12:02AM -0800, Glenn Serre wrote:
Good morning,

Lev Bishop wrote:
On 1/30/07, Glenn Serre wrote:
I have no working patch, I was going to use this problem as an opportunity for
my first attempt to build and debug the cygwin DLL (while maybe even charging a
client for it) but it looked to me as if it may already be being addressed.
Looking again, I see that this might not be that case, so I'll see what I can do
(no promises, as I'm a newbie at cygwin development).
In cases like this, a generally useful thing you can do is to go try
snapshots from
and try to figure out between which 2 versions the problem first
appeared. If you post the reult of this to the list, then someone can
often fix it easily, but if you wanted to have a go yourself,  you can
look at the changelogs for that snapshot and frequently it will be
obvious which change was to blame.

The 2006-12-11 version of cygwin1.dll has the problem. The 2006-12-05 version does not.

I don't see an obvious smoking gun in the changelog (I haven't even looked at the code yet) but there do seem to be candidates.

Could you send a non-creatively edited strace here?

Breaking it down to the shortest possible test case would help, i.e., if

bash -c "/bin/pwd; /bin/pwd" causes the problem that would be helpful since
we wouldn't have to wade through tons of irrelevant strace output.

OTOH, if it has to be an interactive bash script, don't try to edit out
what you think are irrelevant parts of the strace.  Just send the whole

If it is long then please bzip2 compress it before sending.

bash -c /bin/pwd

appears to cause the problem. I have attached strace.out.bz2 that was created like this:

C:\cygwin\bin>strace bash -c /bin/pwd > strace.out

using the snapshot cygwin1-20061211.dll version of cygwin1.dll.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

--Glenn S.

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