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Re: trouble with bash / if in recent release / update ?

Daniel Brockman <dan <at>> writes:

> Eric, I am glad there are people like you, knowledgable and deeply interested. 
> Clearly you have given much thought to the consistency and efficiency of
> Cygwin/
> Linux. All of us benefit from your valuable efforts. I'm sincerely grateful.

I appreciate your sentiments.  It made for one of the nicer complaint mails
I've read on this topic.

> > 
> > READ THE ARCHIVES!  This topic has been talked to death in the past two
> I have limited time available to me to read the archives. I still object to 
> having to cope with this interruption to functionality on which I have relied.

I don't expect you regularly to read the main cygwin list (it is very high
volume, after all).  But google searches should have shown that you are just
rehashing a hot topic.  Even reading the release announcements (a low-volume
list) is worth doing.  You should never upgrade if you don't know why you are
upgrading, and what might change as a result.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

> Another alternate might be to make the sensitivity to raw carriage returns,
> and 
> the associated performance enhancement, an option to the shell, rather than 
> default behavior.

Wow - we ARE thinking on the same lines.  I already did that.  The shell option
is named igncr.

> I will accept slower performance in exchange for usefulness and backward 
> compatibility.

Then according to the release announcements, exporting the environment variable
SHELLOPTS while it contains igncr should do the trick for you.  And if it
doesn't, report a simple test case of what it isn't doing that it should do
(why do you think we are at bash release 3.2.9-11?  it's because I've been
bending over backwards trying to improve igncr, and it's taken me several shots
as people keep on demonstrating another simple test case where I can easily
make it better).

Eric Blake

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