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Re: Eliminating -mno-cygwin from gcc?

On 1/31/07, Christopher Faylor wrote:
I feel pretty strongly about this.  I really don't think this option should
exist.  It's unlike every other gcc port on the planet.


Before simply ripping out support for it, how about just adding a message to gcc so that when passed "-mnocygwin" on the commandline, it warns that it's deprecated and will be removed in the near future, before processing? Or, better yet, for perhaps one major version, have gcc warn that "-mnocygwin" is deprecated, and then just call "execle" to run i686-mingw-gcc with the other arguments? (Assuming that the arguments would be compatible). If cygwin's gcc has been this nonstandard for so many years, what's another change to slowly phase out this 'feature'? While I agree that it wasn't a good feature to add in the first place, I think that removing it without at least a deprecation warning for a version or two will flood the mailing list with traffic by people who didn't realize that something they used was being phased out until they upgraded and things just "broke".

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