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RE: Eliminating -mno-cygwin from gcc?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> When I was maintaining cygwin's gcc, I often thought about eliminating
> -mno-cygwin and just providing a pure mingw cross compiler in the
> distribution.

I completely agree. Anybody depending on -mno-cygwin can create
their own shell wrapper. I personally don't care so much about a
deprecation period, as long as it explodes noisily and points me
in the right direction three years from now when I try to run an
old build script that happens to use it.

Big projects really shouldn't be using -mno-cygwin, anyway--the
preferred way to do it is to install MinGW compilers and either
use MSYS or change your Cygwin path to put MinGW's tools first.

How complete of a cross chain were you thinking about supporting?
I only installed the compilers and my MinGW bin contains over 60
unique executables--that could mean a fair number of i686-mingw-*
programs created (consider GNAT for example).


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