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Permission denied problem


Is there a way to make cygwin executables to have the same permission
rights as cmd.exe or other windows applications?

For the moment I can't access a directory inside cygwin:

$ ls /cygdrive/x/PPP/QQQ
ls: cannot open directory /cygdrive/x/PPP/QQQ/: Permission denied

Windows applications like windows explorer, emacs (windows emacs not
the one from cygwin) navigate inside the QQQ directory without

Using DOS cmd.exe window I can make the dir command on the QQQ directory:

22/11/2006  15:48    <DIR>          RRR
05/01/2007  17:23    <DIR>          SSS

However using cygwin ls from DOS does not work:

/usr/bin/ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied

while it works fine on other directories.

Checking the permissions of the QQQ directory I realise that
effectively the IT staff in charge of the windows network has
restricted to permissions to it (I couldn't guess what they mean). I
have little hope to have their help to solve the problem, that is why
I would like  to get ls to have the same rights as dir.

Cygwin does not tell me much about the permissions of the directory.

$ ls /cygdrive/x/PPP | grep QQQ
drwxr-xr-x 1 marko mkgroup-l-d 0 Jan 31 10:25 QQQ

Thank you very much in advance,

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