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multiple cygwin installs


I had installed cygwin and used it for some months.  Then I had to
install another tool (crestron SIMPL+ compiler) and discovered that
cygwin no longer worked.  It turns out that the SIMPL+ compiler is
based around a cygwin gcc cross compiler.  So I need to have two
simultaneous cygwin environments.

At the moment, I'm managing with a pair of registry-mangling scripts:
one that removes the crestron entries and restores the cygwin entries,
and a second script that removes cygwin and installs crestron.  It
works, but it's fairly cumbersome.

I've searched the archives and found a couple of previous threads, such
as, but not
much enlightenment.  

I gather that the two impediments to separate installs are: the shared
registry entries, and a shared memory location.  I read that you can
get around these with a recompile
(  But I can't
find any details on how to build a cygwin that does not interfere with
the official cygwin.  Is there a configure-time option?  Or do you
edit the file winsup/cygwin/include/cygwin/version.h to change
CYGWIN_INFO_CYGNUS_REGISTRY_NAME?  What about the shared memory

Thanks for any insight,

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