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RE: multiple cygwin installs

Phil Betts wrote on Thursday, March 29, 2007 1:34 PM:

> <soapbox>
> Any 3PP that forces one to use their (inevitably out of date) version
> of cygwin (and thereby killing the official installation) is
> IMO broken
> and the issue should be taken up with them.  At the very least, it
> shows they have such little faith in their own software's robustness
> that they won't risk it running on an newer version of cygwin.
> Imagine the chaos if ALL software was installed like this.  You might
> end up with 100 different versions of cygwin on your PC, and ProductA
> would never be able to talk to ProductB because they'd need two
> different sets of registry settings simultaneously.
> I'm sure their justification is that they are reducing support costs
> by ensuring it's running on a known platform.  Only if their customer
> support is forced to resolve the problems caused by their installation
> will they learn that this is a false economy.
> </soapbox>

Well, the soapbox is coming true. Or why do you think so much companies start to deliver their app in a VM? Never trust an OS installed by a stranger ... hehehe

- Jörg

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