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Is this information indicated that I have installed sshd successfully?

Hi, All:

I am beginner. I tried to install sshd server under win XP. For God sake, I search a wrong instruction beofore on google. Somebody in this mailing list corrected me. I reinstalled the fresh win Xp and installed sshd server following the official instruction.
This is how I did:
1. download the setup.exe
2. installed as default except choosing openssh package
3. start cygwin on the desktop
4. type ssh-host-config -c options -p 22 -w pwd
I answered all questions as yes including the question: do you want to install local user sshd server?
5. type ssh-user-config -p XXX0091
6. when I tried to install sshd server using cygrunsrv through typing the following
cygrunsrv -I -p/usr/sbin/sshd.exe -a -D
it has some error which said the service has been existed
7. ssh localhost asked me passphrase for key and also show a fingerprint
I input the passord XXX0091
logged in
8. I used another computer which has installed putty before
type my Server Ip address: 152.X.XXX.XX (x is number)
9. network timeout. cannot log on

Is there anybody who can give me some helps please? I will highly appreciate your help.


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