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Re: Rsync and the two latest snapshots

On Aug 10 14:14, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> * Corinna Vinschen (Fri, 10 Aug 2007 13:30:45 +0200)
> > On Aug  9 19:23, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > > rsync: recv_generator: failed to stat "/cygdrive/j/thorsten/backup/usb/data/in
> > > stall/thebat/imap/IMAP-Einstellungen und Erkl\#344rung der verschiedenen Punkt
> > > e/atb_team.gif": Bad address (14)                                             
> > 
> > Erm... you didn't tell about this "Bad address" error.
> These are just German Umlauts and in my opinion not connected to the "too many open files" errors.

"Bad address" is a serious error message (accessing an invalid memory
address) and, even *if* they are due to the german umlauts, it's probably
worth to find out what's causing it.

> > > rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/cygdrive/j/thorsten/backup/usb/data/install/usb
> > > 2" failed: Too many open files (24)                                           
> > 
> > Unfortunately there's nothing pointing to any of the above errors in the
> > strace output.
> Really? I thought these ones...
> | 54 683224840 [main] rsync 1396 __set_errno: cygheap_fdget::cygheap_fdget(int, bool, bool):387 val 9
> ...were the ones you were looking for

Nope.  These are expected errors due to trying to call socket functions
on non-socket file descriptors.  I have no idea what rsync is trying
to accomplish there, but it's unlikely that this has something to do
with the "Too many open files" problem.

> > What's the exact command you use?
> It's very simple zsh script:
> #! /bin/zsh -f
> emulate -R zsh
> setopt globdots
> rsync -rt --links --delete --partial --progress \
>       /cygdrive/$1/*                            \
>       /cygdrive/$2/thorsten/backup/usb

Grmpf.  I hate having to build an application for debugging first.
Anyway, I guess I'll try next week.

> > Also, can you retry with the latest from CVS
> CVS? I've never done this.
> seems quite a lot to do. Will this just build cygwin1.dll?

It's really not that much.  You can skip the test and install steps
and just copy over the DLL and the .DBG file to /bin and use that
instead of the original one.  Only, for debugging it makes sense to build
with CFLAGS=-g.

> > and perhaps try to run this under GDB to find out more?
> Never done this, too. This is all so c-ish, couldn't you port Cygwin to Python?? :-)

What pie?  I only know apple pie, sorry.  And I never saw it spelled
with y.  Modern times...


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