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Re: Octave is out of date

--- Brian Kirklin ha scritto:

> Hello,
> I've been using Cygwin for quite some time now for a
> few different 
> packages. The one that interests me the most,
> however, is Octave and it 
> is extremely important to my day to day activities
> at work. 
> Unfortunately, Cygwin has not updated Octave in
> quite some time. I was 
> wondering whether there was any intention to do so
> in the future? The 
> owner of Octave has removed support for the latest
> version of Octave 
> incorporated in Cygwin.

octave 2.9.13 compile from source with a minor glitch
at least on latest cygwin snapshot.
I just undefined GETTIMEOFDAY_NO_TZ on config.h 
before runnning "make", as configure made wrong 
assumption about it. Probably it is not a issue in
cygwin 1.5.24.

I just completed the test but I have no clue
if the failures are octave owns or are due 
to something on cygwin. 


  PASS   3447
  FAIL    149

There were 3 expected failures (see fntests.log for

Have someone any info ?

By the way LD_PRELOAD (library pre-load) 
seems to not work on octave-cygwin
so before running "make check"
I copied the dll's on /usr/loc/bin
and commented LD_PRELOAD assignments in run-octave 


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